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  1. I'm A Tree
  2. I'm A Tree (Radio Edit)
  3. No No No
  4. Mama (U Know I Care)
  5. Waterfloor (Original Mix)
  6. Waterfloor (Patrick Kunkel & 212 Fahrenheit Remix)
  7. Green Pleasure
  8. Blowup!
  9. 7th Star
  10. Motherless Child

2013 has been a bright year for the beginning of Valentina Black’s vision as an electronic music producer and live artist. She debuted in January 2013 with a successful vinyl release on Frequenza Limited, which was spotted on Beatport, Juno Records, and Top 100s and featured remixes by Aninha & Antonela Giampietro (Warung) and Less Hate.

Valentina Black released also singles and EPs on classic labels such as Groove On and King Street Sounds, topping Beatport and Traxsource charts with “With You” and “Heal Me”  and Beatport’s Nu Disco top 10 with “Valentino” (on Frequenza Limited) as well as having her “Kali’s Birthday” tune on Vinyl, on a new outstanding german label, by Awake, together with artists such as Rey & Kjavik, Agraba and Less Hate.

Valentina Black’s I’m A Tree serves as a powerful debut album on Moveubabe Records. Gathering fans of Deep House, Disco, Spiritual and organic sounds as well as real instruments, I’m A Tree presents a selection of 8 brand new original tunes and features a remix from Cocoon’s Patrick Kunkel and 212 Fahrenheit.

While the majority of the tracks are deeply house and disco rooted, like the unique and visionary album’s key song “I’m A Tree”, the disco hit tune “No No No”, the darker dancefloor-shifter “Waterfloor”, the peak-hour crowd pleaser “Blowup!”, the emotional song “Mama (U Know I Care)” and the infectious electronic trip “Green Pleasure”, “Motherless Child” pays homage to Spiritual music and shifts focus back towards Valentina’s roots as a pianist and live musician.

All tracks written, produced, engineered by Valentina Black. Vocals & Lyrics by Valentina Black. © 2014